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What is a soft phone and why do you need to know

What is a soft phone and why do you need to know

I hope all is well with everyone and I hope all had a great Thanksgiving.  I don’t know if you had a houseful or just the people in your house.  I am tired of Covid just like everyone else, but we have had some good news on that front as of late with the new promising vaccines.  The stock market is killing it right now and it looks like we will have a defense against the virus. 

That being said, what will things look like after Covid?  Are the schools going to open back up so students can attend in person, will we go back to working with co-workers side by side or will be have to adapt to a new way of working and school.  What will it look like if the Covid virus is able to mutate and we are fighting this all over again? 

None of us know the answers to those questions and none of us can predict the future other than our future may look a little different moving forward.  I have heard rumors that we will be looking at some kind of hybrid for work and school.  For workers that would mean some people working remotely and some in the office. 

If this is the case, how would you keep your company connected?  We have email, texting, teams, cell phones, etc.   How do you keep your call flow seamless in the event that we are in this environment.  The answer is softphones on a cloud phone system platform.  What is a softphone, well it is software that is loaded on your computer, laptop, tablet and cell phone that allows you to answer calls, transfer calls, put calls on hold, conference calls and  you can do this from anywhere you have internet connectivity.   Why is this important?  It is very important to communicate with your customers and co-workers from anywhere you are. 

Example: if the receptionsist is at home answering calls and needs to transfer a call via assisted transfer (let people know who is on the phone before you transfer) or blind transfer (transfer to someone and not let them know who is on the phone), now you can do that.  You can also have conference calls with people inside and outside your organization.  What if someone were traveling and had an important conference call while they were at he airport, well you can accomplish this with the softphone and have the same functionalities as being in the office with a desk phone. 

The moral of the story is that you can stay connected and collaborate from anywhere, giving your customers the experience they deserve.  Not only that, but your people will be less stressed because the softphone allows people to stay connected to their coworkers.  If you are a manager and need to manage your remote workers, you can get reporting on the calls they are doing or not doing. 

If you have any questions about softphones and how they can help your business, please call or email and we can certainly help you get to where you need to be.