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Meet the team behind NPI at both our Bellingham and Kent locations.

Management Team

Dustin Rollins

Operations Manager

Curtis Cunningham - Engineering Support Manager

Curtis Cunningham

Engineering Manager

Gary Manker - Service Desk manager

Gary Manker

Service desk Manager

Maggie Levack

Project coordinator

Shannon Preece


Vincent Preece - General Manager

Vincent Preece


Account Managers

Sam Preece

Account Manager

Ian Weydert - Account Manager

Ian Weydert

Account Manager

Service Delivery

Cody Ganzini - Service Desk Engineer

Cody Ganzini

Service Desk

Nathan Emond - Service Desk engineer

Nathan Emond

Service Desk

Jason Rankin - Service Desk Engineer

Jason Rankin

Service Desk

Kalen Kruger - Project Manager

Kalen Krueger

Service Desk

Nick Kumar

Service Desk

Aaron Rhodes

Cabling/phone tech

Nick Williams

Service Desk

Hamisi Oliver

Service Desk

Andrew Johnson - Network E-services Engineer

Andrew Johnson

IT Field service

Joel O'Conner - System Engineer

Joel O’Connor

IT Field service

Phil Smith

Phone Field service

Aaron Burns

IT Field service

Timothy Jahn - Systems Engineer

Tim Jahn

IT Field service

Paul Kittinger - Technician

Paul Kittinger

IT Field service

Tyler Cunningham

IT Field service

Josh Pass

IT Field service

Support Services

Emily Linder

Phone support

Scott Preece


Al Go - Director of Business Development

Al Go


Rose Del Pino

Phone provisioning

Tony Lewis

Support intake