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Managed Services

Taking command of your IT & tech so that you can pay attention to what matters to your business.

Scale your security and technology services

No matter the size or configuration, you can choose from a tiered level of flexible managed services. We offer clients four levels to meet a variety of security and support needs:

Option 1 – Essential IT Care

  • Patching of Microsoft products (some specific third party apps)
  • Monitoring of critical systems on managed devices
  • Maintenance of managed network devices (quarterly)
  • Reporting delivered monthly
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spam/antimalware
  • Security awareness training
  • Off-site backups for workstations
  • Off-site backups for Servers
  • Off-site backups for Office 365
  • MDR
  • Enterprise MFA with Azure AD
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Option 2 – Pre-paid hours for Essential  IT Care

Monthly support hours can be added to Essential IT Care 

Hours come in three options:

  • No roll-over (expire at the end of the month)
  • 3 month roll-over
  • 6 month roll-over

Pre-paid hours offer a discount from normal support rates.  Prepaid hours do expire!

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Option 3 – Complete IT Care

Includes everything in Essential IT Care:

Adds the following

  • Unlimited IT support
  • Covered routine replacement of managed devices
  • Emergency priority response
  • Technology advisor and vCIO
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Option 4 – Security+

Adds to either IT Care plans: 

  • SentinelOne with Vigilance
  • Internal and external pen testing
  • AI driven anti-spam software (replaces the software in Essential IT Care)
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