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Interconnect Voice

Reliable and cost-effective with all premium features in one plan.

An NPI Cloud PBX places your company’s phone system in one of the most reliable datacenter sites in the country. Your plan comes with:


Premium Features

  • Unlimited calling continental US
  • SMS-ready
  • Support for up to four devices per extension
  • Supported end-points
    Desk phone including Polycom, Yealink and more
    Web Soft phone
    Android/iOS app
    Teams integration
  • Standard features such as IVR, call queues, voicemail, call forwarding, reporting and more
  • Advanced features such as voice to text transcription, text to voice transcription, in call transcription and more.


Choice Equipment

Choose between top of the line handsets, Yealink or Polycom, to match your great NPI phone system.



We train so that you will be able to use your new phone system efficiently after installation.