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Annoyed Man

With all the new healthcare laws that went into effect at the beginning of 2014, how many of you had to go on the Washington health benefits exchange to choose a benefits package for you and your family?  If you are like the people in our office, it was a huge deal.  Nothing made sense and we had a couple health care benefits brokers come in and talk to us.  Mainly to talk many of us off the ledge.

Many of us didn’t feel like we had the knowledge or the time to make a good decision on what we wanted vs what our needs were and what we were willing to pay and how to pay for that matter.  We were thankful that we had access to a broker that helped walk us through the process and not only did they do that, but they were able to answer questions to help us make the right choice.  I know people that were on the exchange for hours trying to figure it all out.  I was dreading it, but with the broker it took about 20 minutes and I feel that I got the right plan.  My coworkers that used the same guy came away with the same feelings.

That was our experience in a field we knew virtually nothing about with the new healthcare laws and what was needed to be done to have insurance.  I believe without the broker, we probably would not have found the plans we did nor felt as comfortable with the decisions we made.

So I say all this to bring it back to our Telecom brokerage.  Most of you don’t care how you access the Internet or how you make a phone call, you just know it works and when it doesn’t, you are not happy.  Who do you call?  If you had used NPI brokerage service, it would be NPI that you called.  We would be the ones to help you through your pains and limit the impact of those outages to your business.

So to make it easier on yourselves, engage us when you need new voice and data services or if your current contract is up.  We will figure out your needs and then go out and match your needs with the right carrier.  Then after the fact, we are the ones to call if you have any issues with your service.  We try to take away all the headaches to make your experience.

Who wouldn’t want to save money, get the service you desire and get rid of the headaches that go along with choosing a service and carrier.  For a free telecom bill audit, call Vince or Al at 253-852-1543.