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Hundred Dollar Bill

How many of you are master negotiators?  Do you enjoy the art of deal making?  I know I do, I think it is fun.  I like being presented with a client’s problem and finding the right solution and negotiating for them.  It is a challenge I enjoy.

I bring this up because we recently had a client of ours acquire another business that had 3 locations.  We met with the IT guy from the acquired company and discussed the transition.  What we found out was, he had just negotiated internet speed upgrades for the three locations and was pretty proud of what he had accomplished with the carrier.  This is something he did every three years or so.  As I listened to his story, I wanted to chime in, but I didn’t.  Just from our conversation, I knew that the deal he got was not a great deal.  This would be confirmed a few days later when I got the bills for all the services at all the locations.

When I got the bills, I was in shock; the acquired company was spending around $8000-$9000 a month for services that should have cost them about $3000-$4000 a month.  Fortunately we were able to negotiate them out of two of the three renewals and this move will save our client over $104,000 over the next 3 years.

I am not saying we are master negotiators, but we know what we are doing in this arena.  If you were to ask me what health care provider you should use and what plan to pick, I wouldn’t have a clue and would refer you to our benefits broker that is helping us navigate the Affordable Health Care Act.

I know whatever business you are in, you are the professional and if I or anyone needed your services, that is who I would refer them to because that is what you do on a daily basis.  If you need telecom, IT/Network support, or VoIP phones, call us because that is what we do on a daily basis.  Our guys love solving problems and helping our client’s be more efficient and more profitable.

If you need help, please give us a call.  253-852-1543 or e-mail