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SPEED (Internet)

SPEED (Internet)

Rugby player

With the NFL draft today, hundreds of prospects have been training since the end of their college’s seasons to get bigger, faster and stronger.  They say speed kills and you see it every Saturday and Sunday on the ESPN highlights.

Speed is one of the most coveted attributes in any sport such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, etc.  I know you are all laughing my listing of golf, but everyone wants to hit the 300 yard drive, but guess what you need, that’s right club head speed.  Next time you watch golf and are still awake, watch Rory Mcillroy or Tiger tee off and the announcers talk about club head speed.

Why am I talking about speed?  Well just like sports your business is starting to depend on speed too, internet speed.  With all the talk of the cloud, backing up to the cloud, what is the biggest obstacle, internet SPEED?

As time goes by carriers are starting to offer faster internet services and the prices are going down.  The carriers have to compete with the company whom I shall not name (Comcast).  Comcast is the fastest cheapest deal in town, or it used to be.  We are starting to see crazy internet speeds offered for now for as much as a T-1 cost 6 or 7 years ago.  We have a client that got 500Mx500M of internet for $650.00 a month.  In some areas, that is how much a bonded T-1 costs.  But, to get that kind of deal you have to be in a certain area that the carrier has “lit”.  If you are asking yourself “how do I find out if I qualify”, well I am glad you asked.  Just pick up the phone and call our office and let us save you time by doing the leg -work for you.

Whether it’s sports or business, you need speed.  SPEED, SPEEED, SPEED, SPEED is what all teams want and also what businesses want.  Let us help you make your business bigger, faster, stronger, and more profitable.  Remember speed kills and we can help you get faster and get the edge on your competition.