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Phase 2 is officially here- Here’s what we’re doing

Phase 2 is officially here- Here’s what we’re doing

Since King county and Whatcom county have both moved into phase 2 of the governor’s phased reopening approach, we at NPI are following these guidelines.  This may impact how we deliver service so let’s take this time to go over how this impacts both of us.

NPI office visit:  The first thing you will notice is the door is locked. This does not mean we’re not open, it just allows us to control entry into the building.  If you are dropping off equipment (or picking up) we will meet you at the door (wearing a face covering) and we will do the equipment exchange.  All equipment will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes both coming into the building and when leaving the building.  If you are coming into NPI, we will first ask you screening questions, and document your visit in our visitor log.  At all times while you are at NPI we ask that both staff and visitors always wear face coverings as well as maintaining 6 feet separation .

Onsite visits:  We are doing everything possible to support your organization remotely.  That is the safest way to support you during these times however if we have to come onsite here is what you can expect.

If we are coming to your location, NPI staff will wear face coverings while we are meeting with you. If they are working in the server room they may take the covering off, but we ask our team to always wear a face covering while they are up and moving about the office, or meeting with clients.  Our team members have access to gloves and hand sanitizer so they can avoid coming in contact with surfaces that has not been disinfected.  Additionally, if more than one engineer is needed at a job site, in the past we would have our team carpool to the job site, however we are having all team members drive separately.

If any NPI team member or members of their family have Covid symptoms they will self-isolate for 14 days and be encouraged to get a Covid test.  Any clients who have come in contact with that engineer for the last 14 days will be notified of the possible exposure.  We also ask all of our clients, that if they have any possible Covid cases where NPI staff have visited to inform us as soon as possible so we can take preventative action. 

This is very difficult for all companies, and we at NPI are taking this very seriously.  We know keeping your computers running is critical to your business, however, so is the health and safety of your team.  Let’s work together to minimize the impact Covid has on all of our team members!

Stay safe!