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Very recently I ran into a potential client that was going to lose their Internet with Clear by November 1st of 2015.  There happened to be 10-20 other tenants in his building in the same boat.  They had all signed with Comcast and Comcast kept saying they were going to be there, but never materialized.  Century Link wouldn’t bring fiber in there and the DSL there was slow.

So with less than a month before their internet was going to be going down, NPI stepped in at the last minute.  We met with the property manager and figured out who needed bandwidth and how much. We went to a carrier with an outside the box idea that the carrier had not done before.  After some discussion the carrier decided to give our idea a shot.  The owner went to work figuring out how they would do what we were going to do, and came back with a solution and pricing.

Most of the tenants didn’t need 100M or more, it was more like 10-20M of internet services that they needed.  Once we got the pricing back, we went out and spoke to the tenants and they all bought off on the idea.  It was a win, win solution for everyone involved.  It was a 3 week turnaround from the very first meeting with them until they had their new internet services up and running.

The great thing about the solution is that it made the property more marketable with access to big bandwidth.  We can deliver up to 2 gigs of internet to that building.  This will open up the building to high tech companies that would not have looked twice at this property because of the lack of internet accessibility.

By thinking outside the box, we were able to figure out a solution and make it happen in 3 weeks, where other’s had months to try to come up with a solution and came back empty handed.  Can we do this for your organization, I don’t know.  This example is just one of many.  We also just helped a company who had signed a back contract with a carrier and were not getting the speeds they were promised, so we stepped in, helped them get rid of that portion of the contract and made them 10 times faster.  When I called and asked if they could tell a difference, they said yes, emphatically and now they will be more productive.

Again, can we do this for you?  I don’t know, but there is only one way to find out.  Please give me a call and let’s begin with a conversation.  I like saying that at NPI, we live outside the box.