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What’s new with NPI in 2014?  We are offering SIP Trunks, but what is a SIP Trunk?  SIP stand for “Session Initiation Protocol”.  Over the past few years, the telecommunications industry has standardized on SIP as the protocol of choice for phone calls on the data network.  SIP is the technology used to start a voice session on a data network (for example over the Internet).

What is a SIP Trunk:  Think of a SIP Trunk like an analog line, it provides the same service as a traditional analog line.  The difference is that they use a data circuit (T-1, Cable Modem, DSL, Ethernet over Copper, etc) to connect your phone to their network.

In the analog world you have to have a number associated with an analog line, so in the analog world, if you have 10 phone numbers you want to work, you have to have 10 analog lines, which can cost up to $30-$40 per line.  In the SIP world you can have those same 10 numbers, but only have 5 or 6 SIP Trunks.  The users share SIP Trunks, think of it as a pool of lines that the users share.  Using SIP Trunks can save you a lot of money.  Let’s say you have 30 numbers at $30 per number or line ($900.00), you can accomplish this with SIP Trunks for about $500-$600.

What is the benefit to you?  If you have a Comcast connection, we can look at getting SIP Trunks for you to place and receive phone calls.  NPI SIP Trunks are $20 per trunk; our competition is about $30 per trunk.  For example a T-1 with 6 lines, 1.5mbps (internet speed) is about $300 per month.  We can do a Comcast 50/10 mbps ($135.00) and 6 NPI SIP Trunks for $255.00, that is a savings of $45.00 per month, but over 36 months that is a $1620.00 savings.  Not only will our solution save you money, but your Internet will be 33.33 times faster.

Give us a call to schedule a time for us to come out and discuss the options with you.  Again, we can look at getting you a Comcast connection and SIP Trunks; this will make you faster and save you money.  Secondarily, you will have the support of NPI, if there are any service interruptions; it is NPI that you call.  We are your service and support.