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NPI Service Plan

NPI Service Plan

Happy Summer 2020 everyone! This year so far has seemed by turns to skate by, or become a dreary trudge. But mostly it’s felt like a flood.

As 2020 ramped up, we knew we needed to adapt and bring more clarity to our world, all the while taking care of our people. I wanted to take a few minutes and highlight our service plans, and how these might align with your organization’s goals. NPI is a family owned, small but growing organization. Our goals, culture, finances, and business model drive what we are good at, and in turn the ways we can serve you most effectively. Our current service plans evolved as part of the rapidly changing business technology landscape, and each is based on aspects of our culture. Here is a brief overview:

Ultimate IT Care

You like to plan ahead 3-5 years, you have specific budgetary timelines, and your technology investments are your users themselves. How do we minimize the impact of long-term change and are we controlling costs as thoroughly as we can? Are we doing everything we possibly can against the latest cybersecurity threats? Just how far out can we plan? How can we scale our technology as we scale the business? Or better yet, can we just set it and forget it, and make sure everything comes off smoothly? If these are the questions you ask yourself, Ultimate IT Care might be a good fit for you.

Complete/Managed IT Care

Maybe you try to plan ahead 1-3 years but your organization just evolves too quickly for this to be realistic. Or maybe your culture is just a little looser fitting, and you want to keep this more relaxed approach. Security is a priority, but where is the line that day to day user productivity is seriously sacrificed? Where can we be flexible in our technology without sacrificing too much in quality and performance? How much cybersecurity are we blind to right now? Our Complete and Managed IT Care plans have the answers.

Basic IT Care/RPM

Maybe you want to plan ahead, but there are too many barriers, one being enough time in the day. You know it shouldn’t be this way, but technology feels a lot more like a cost than an investment. Or you wish you had more time in the day to think about company culture, but month-end must be done by tomorrow or else. Is there an end in sight? Will technology ever feel less overwhelming? How can we get some breathing room, just for starters? We hear cybersecurity, and it’s just too much to take in. If this is you, Basic IT Care and Remote Preventative Maintenance can get you that breathing room.

What if I don’t clearly fit the mold?

There might not be a problem. NPI has its own culture and goals, and we can’t change that. We won’t change that. You shouldn’t have to either. We can only do what we are skilled at, and technology is broad enough that there are many different paths to achieve your goals. But your goals and culture might fit with us better than it seems, and we can talk about it. We’ve also found that cybersecurity in particular can be a major challenge. We have a focused managed security practice that can fill in the gaps of another service plan if you need.

What does this all mean?

Each of our service plans is designed to serve you in specific ways, but the foundation of our company culture is this: our people matter. If they do, then we can make a deep and profound request of them: that your people matter to our people. For better or worse, human beings are relying on technology. If it doesn’t serve them, it serves nobody. We can help technology serve you, instead of the other way around.