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Meet Phil Smith

Meet Phil Smith

If you have called in to have us work on the phones, more than likely you have spoken with Phil.  He is a pleasant dude until you get him on the golf course, then the horns come out.  He is competitive!

Phil grew up in Eugene Oregon in a family of 9.  He has 4 brothers and 4 sisters.  Phil grew up playing sports and now you know where the competitiveness comes from.  As a kid he played baseball, golf, soccer and anything else to compete with his siblings. 

He attended North Eugene high school where he played baseball and soccer.  After high school, he went to Lane Community College to play baseball, then walked on at the University of Oregon, where he spent one semester trying out for the baseball team.  He did not make it, but it turned into one of the best decisions of his life because he met Anita, whom he has been married to for 32 years. 

After college he started working in the mills down in Eugene and then decided to go back to a technical school and got a degree in Electronic engineering.  He and Anita then moved to Washington and he began working for Business Telephone Systems for 15 years.  He spent 8-10 years at Netversant, then Emeritis retirement center as the Telecom manager.  After all of this, he then landed here at NPI.  He has been a team member for 5 years almost exclusively working on phone systems for us. 

When Phil is not working on your phone system, he can be found with his bowling league, adult baseball team, golfing, fishing and basically anything else he can compete at.  He and Anita have two grown kids, one girl and one boy.  He an Anita recently bought their dream property overlooking the water near Shelton, WA .  They plan on retiring there. 

So I asked Phil who would be in his dream foursome, of course, I was number one, but I told him to pick others, so he chose his father, Arnold Palmer and the Babe (Babe Ruth).  He said they would play Pebble Beach, well because it is Pebble Beach.  After golf, he said he would serve his foursome glazed Salmon with Hollandaise sauce, Asparagus and rice pilaf.  For dessert he said it would be blackberry cobbler, with vanilla bean ice cream.  And of course, you can’t forget the cocktails which would be white wine to go with dinner and a northwest beer of some kind.