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meet aaron burns

meet aaron burns

Aaron & Kristin

Happy New Year to all!  I would like to introduce you to Aaron Burns who is one of our newest engineers. 

Aaron grew up in Rockford Illinois, with his mother, father and younger sister.  He went to Auburn High School and was a self-proclaimed band geek.  He was in band playing the bass guitar, and in the marching band pounding the percussion drums.  He was also in a few rock bands.

As a child Aaron liked playing with computers and his first computer was a Commodore 64.  He says his parents were always a decade behind, so hence the Commodore 64. 

After high school, Aaron attended Augustana College where he got a degree in classics, participated in Jazz band, playing the bass guitar. More importantly, he met his future Mrs. Burns there.  They both went to study abroad in Ireland and found love.  Aaron got his PHD in classics at University of Iowa.

After graduation Aaron started working at Vanderbilt Medical Center working in IT and he was there for 3 years.  He and his wife moved to Washington for Kristin’s job as a nurse practitioner at an NPI client.  When they first got to Washington Aaron got job with the City of Kent IT department and worked there for about a year.  His wife found out about NPI and had Aaron apply for an engineering position at NPI and the rest is history.

In 2010 Aaron and Kristin went back to Ireland and got married.  They recently purchased a home in Kent, as Kristin is a nurse practitioner in Kent.  They have two small dogs, Mickey and Minnie.  When Aaron is not helping clients, he still likes to play music. 

Favorite food:  Pizza

Favorite movie:  Fargo

Favorite vacation spot:  Guatemala.  He has been there twice and loves the culture.  

I asked Aaron if he could invite 3 people from anytime in history and what would he serve?

His guests would include Plutarch (Ancient Greek philosopher/historian).  Aaron wrote his dissertation on some of his writings.  His other two guest would be Carrie Brownstein and Patrick Stewart.  He would serve vegetarian stir fry with spicy peanut sauce.  He says he makes a pretty good dish.