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May monthly post

May monthly post

It’s been about four years since we wrote a newsletter, and since those of us in the sales and marketing side of NPI can’t go out and make sales calls we decided it was time to put the newsletter back in motion.

Let’s get the newsletter started off with talking about the elephant in the room, and that is the pandemic.  Almost everyone has been impacted with the stay at home order.  We spent the latter half of March and the beginning of April scrambling to set clients up with the ability to work from home. We have helped several clients with setting up secure remote access, and with communication systems.  Let’s talk about this for a moment because this is really important.

The first thing everyone wants/needs is video conferencing.  There are many popular products in the video conference space, however NPI has found good luck with a product by Sangoma called Meet.  NPI has worked with Digium/Sangoma for almost 15 years.  They are the biggest VoIP provider you have ever heard of.  Sangoma is offering Meet video conferencing at no charge (that will change in the future).  The really cool thing about their software compared to others is their offering is based on WebRTC, which means you do not need to load any software.  If you need a free video conferencing service give it a try.  You can find it at

The other big need customers have been looking for is conference bridge set up, (multiple people calling into a number and all being able to talk).  Again, there are a lot of different options in this space, however since NPI has built our own voice platform we are not recommending using someone else’s service as we provide this service directly to our customers. If you need a conference bridge to help keep your team connected please reach out to us at NPI and we can help get this service setup for your team.

Lastly, one of the things we’ve really been busy with is helping people stay connected, securely.  There has been a big rise in attacks against companies, and now more then ever it’s important to stay safe, digitally as well as physically.  Multifactor authentication is really important these days to help safeguard all our systems.  NPI has multiple CISSP’s on staff to help with securing your systems.

We will be sending out a newsletter on a monthly basis just like we did years ago…We will try to keep it relevant, and not too salesy, we’re even going to keep the monthly recipe (Al insisted we keep that).  If you have any suggestion on topics or things you’d like to see us discuss please send your feedback to

Stay safe everyone!