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Baron Telecommunications Clients

Baron Telecommunications Clients

We too, were surprised to hear the news that Baron Telecommunications has closed their doors abruptly.

What does NPI/Interconnect know regarding the closure?

We know that Baron closed their business on 12/31/2021.  

We know that there was not any notification to their client base that this was occurring.

We know that their employees were told of the closure on December 27th.

We know that when you call Baron’s number the voice mail allows you to leave a message for Phil Bratt- the owner of Baron Telecommunications.  

Can NPI/Interconnect support our Toshiba Telephone System?

In the short term, we are very limited in our ability to support your Toshiba Hardware.  Here’s the reason why:

  1. Toshiba is what we call “proprietary hardware”.  This means that it is unique in its programming and installation. It can only be sold new by an authorized Toshiba Dealer.  It also can only be programmed by a qualified/trained technician.  So not just any telecommunication technician can work on your equipment- because it is unique to Toshiba.  
  2. The programming portal for your Toshiba is password protected.  If you as the client do not have the Administrative Password, we cannot access your system.
  3. We do not have access to any of your historical documentation or set up notes for your system.  We are starting blind to your custom programming.

In the long term

  1. We are going to hire/train a Toshiba Technician.  
  2. We will attempt to recover/ reset the Administrative Passwords.  
  3. We hope that soon, we will be able to support your Toshiba Phone System with our excellent staff and organization.

What do I do if I need support on my Toshiba Telephone System now?

That depends upon the level of urgency needed.

  1. If you would like to engage with us proactively, please call 360-671-4444 and you can arrange for a free site assessment.  This will allow us to collect important information in the event you require a service call. 
  2. If your system is in Critical error and you need immediate assistance:  
    1. You can contact us, 360-671-4444.  If you prefer e-mail, you can contact us at and it will automatically create a service ticket.
    2. At this point in time, we would help you re-route your phone numbers and install a new system as quickly as possible. This is really our only choice at the moment, but we can very quickly get something in place so you can make or receive calls. 

Maybe now is a good time to replace our Toshiba Equipment?

It is always a good idea to think about a technology upgrade.  With the advancement in quality and reliability of Cloud Phone Systems, now is definitely a good time.  The monthly costs for your phone system will likely go down, while your feature set will increase.  

Contact us for a quote: or call 360-671-4444

A little history on the Toshiba product:


Toshiba Corporation ends its production of the Toshiba Telecommunications Equipment. 

On March 21, 2017, Authorized Toshiba Dealers received e-mails stating “We regret to inform you, that as part of its continuing global restructuring, Toshiba Corporation has deemed it necessary to wind-down our Telecommunications Systems Division (TSD) business starting immediately.”

Toshiba’s 250 dealers, with over 500 offices, were stunned by this news. TSD had operated in the United States since 1975 and was in the top 3 market share for small and midsized business phone systems.


Mitel Announces Toshiba TSD Acquisition

Then, on May 11th, Mitel confirmed it would acquire this business from Toshiba. Mitel reordered equipment to replenish inventory and all of Toshiba’s product line was again available for new orders – or so it seemed.

Mitel instead announced a “Phase Out Plan” for Toshiba CIX and IPedge product lines. It followed the timeline detailed below:

“End of New Systems Sales” – October 31, 2018

“End of Add-On Sales” – October 31, 2019

“End of Technical Support – October 31, 2021

This means that new Toshiba equipment/ Technical Support is no longer available from Mitel. gives one page of information: we called these numbers to see if we could get support. Our results in red 

  • NEC contact: Regional Manager, Jeff Johnson (253) 219-8255  (This is the sales rep. for NEC, not a technician.)
  • Mitel Connect (Including legacy Toshiba & Shoretel contacts)
           -Toshiba:  800-722-1301 (This is the phone number for Mitel Hosted Platform, it will not help you to service your On-premise Toshiba equipment.)
  • Mitel Connect/Shoretel: 888-322-3822 (This is the Global call center for Mitel/Shoretel, not a local dealer.)
  • Great America Leasing clients: 888-307-2641 (Account services, not technical support.)


Please Note:  Barron Heating is not associated with Baron Telecommunications 

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