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Wow, another year that flew by under our belts and hopefully you kept the same belt size or even have a smaller belt now.  I think my belt may be a size larger now than when 2014 started.  Way back in the day that was a good thing because those were the desirable guys, the guys that ate.  Back then you were called a king, or prince or something with a lofty title, now you’re a couch potato.

A lot of really cool things happened in 2014 to make it a great year.  The Seahawks became the Champions of the World, aka SuperBowl Champions, the Mariners almost made the playoffs, the republicans got control of both the House and Senate (depends on your political views), Lebron went back to Cleveland, and the U.S. is now buddies with Cuba.  Oh, and the film “The Interview” almost set off North Korean nukes.  Joking, I think.

Here at NPI, we didn’t win a Superbowl, or piss off Kim Jung Un, nor did we take over any political office, we just started our own little carrier (Optima Cloud Services) offering quality of service (good phone calls) over a Cloud Phone System (Cloud Phone System or PBX).  We also kept and acquired many happy clients with our exceptional engineers and the services that NPI provides.

We are very fortunate to have been in business for 30 plus years and the growth we experienced this past year and the growth we envision for the future.  We are blessed.   We are very appreciative of all the businesses out there that we call our clients, and the partners we have made over the years.  If it weren’t for you guys, we would not be in business, and for that we thank you.

NPI is looking forward to 2015 as Optima Cloud Services takes off, we help clients become more successful, the Seahawks win another Superbowl and we all lose a few belt sizes, ok me, I lose a belt size or two.

We hope that your 2014 was a success and we wish you all continued success.