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When you hear people talking about the cloud these days, it is not a Seattle day in November that they are talking about.  It’s about hardware, like your server, phone system, data storage and the other many things you can put up on the cloud.

While talking to customers and cloud providers we found most companies are not looking to go to “the cloud”, they are just looking to change the payment structure.  Instead of a big capital expense up front, more and more companies are going to an operating expense or a monthly spend that they can budget from year to year for their IT or phone systems.

They also don’t want to have to manage updates and the refreshing of equipment, which are benefits of the cloud.  Here at NPI, we can accomplish those same things by keep the hardware on premise, while improving performance.  We can accommodate the monthly spend instead of the capital expenditure up front.

Before going to the cloud with your hardware and software applications, talk to one of our engineers to see if it makes sense to do that or keep those things on premise.  Let’s talk about your business goals and strategies to see what makes sense to move to the cloud or not.   If it is payment structure issue, we can structure a monthly payment for servers and phone systems.

Beware, we have helped migrate many companies to the cloud and have found issues that the sales people didn’t know about or tell the client about.  In some cases the client was not able to fully put everything on the cloud.  They had to keep a server on premise, or purchase another server for their active directory.  If you engage one of our consultants or engineers, we can vet those issues out before you sign any paperwork and avoid headaches.

Either way you go, NPI can help facilitate moving your hardware and applications to the cloud or keeping those things on premise, whatever makes sense for your business strategy.

Give us a call and we can look at all the options.