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When I say another telecom win, I am not talking about NPI winning, I am talking about the client.  

This particular client has a growing business.  They have 12 sites, and are adding more.  They have an old phone system that won’t do the things they need it to do without doing a major upgrade and spend more money on licensing.  Their monthly spend on voice and data services that are slow is about $12-13K a month.   There was also a payment on the aging phone system.  

Client requirements:

  1. Track call center productivity via reports like how long the average call is, how many calls each person takes.  They wanted real time reporting as well as custom reporting.
  2. Recording calls
  3. Custom reporting to provide to managers
  4. Improve speeds and performance (internet speeds).
  5. Provide redundancy at 6 of the sites for both voice and data services
  6. Want more IT network support
  7. Save money.

The solution:

  1.  We are able to provide them with the reporting they want and need to track call center productivity.
  2. The phone system we are selling them has all the functionality they want and no ongoing licensing, which means significantly lower cost over time.
  3. We are improving internet speeds at all locations, some 100Mx100M
  4. 6 sites will be on MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) so they will have great call quality since the phone system will live at corporate.  6 sites on the MPLS and back up VPN, the other 6 sites are VPN only.
  5. Possible RPM (Remote Preventative Maintenance) on their desktops and servers.  This will free up time for the person in charge of IT, who happens to be swamped anyway.
  6. Now the bottom line:  We are going to be able to do all this, more bandwidth, redundancy, better phone system, improved IT support and we will save them about $2K to $3K a month.  

At the end of the day, we will give the client everything on their wish list, improve their services and make them more productive, while saving them some money.  I have been working with clients that have phone systems that are proprietary and it makes it hard to do things sometimes because of all the licensing to make the phone system function properly.  Our phone system is great because it doesn’t require expensive licensing or major updates to versions, because all of that is free, yes free.  So if you are spending a lot on annual maintenance or licensing for your phone system, let us take a look to see what we can do.