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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of NPI’s Most Popular FAQ’s

Below is a selection of some of our most popular IT questions.

I don’t understand my telecom bill.


Telecom bills can be very confusing. There are things on there that the normal person has no idea what it is. When you come onboard with NPI when you get your first bill you will sit down with your sales person to go over the bill. They will cover each line and explain what each item is so you understand what it is, and make sure you are paying what you signed.

I wasn’t told about the other surcharges and taxes.


The dirty secret of telecom is most of the “surcharges” don’t go to any government agency, but go straight to the carrier. At NPI we do not have any surcharges, we only charge taxes and every penny goes to a government agency to pay the many taxes placed on telecom.

I was told that I could get out of my contract in two years, but now I have to pay back the rebates and discounts if I leave before the 3rd year.

Often times carriers will start from “list price” which is artificially inflated, and they then apply “Discounts” to get the rate down to a normal price. However buried in the pages of terms and conditions it states if you do not stay for the full three years you have to refund the discounts. You should ask to have this part of the terms and conditions removed. If the carrier is unwilling to remove that language then you should consider the term of the contract as three years, not two.

My internet is slow.


This is a common complaint, and with today’s technologies NPI can help speed up your Internet to as fast as 10Gigs (that is really, really fast)! Speed vs. cost is not necessarily a linear curve. Talk with NPI to find out what are the best options for your organization.

I experience dropped calls.

Unfortunately, this is all too often a problem with other providers. I have heard some people say this is a VoIP problem, but in reality, it is a design problem. If your VoIP is designed right, you will not drop calls. NPI designs our VoIP solutions so you will not have dropped calls!

I was sold by a carrier rep and they are no longer there and I don’t know who to contact.

Telecom sales is a revolving door. Most sales reps are at a carrier for about 6 months before they move on to another company. This is one of the huge benefits in working with NPI. We can sell you the exact same products at the exact same price as working with that direct rep, however we will be here when you need help. Our sales reps have been here for on average 10 years!

My carrier rep told me I had something, but I find out I don’t.

Carrier reps have a heavy quota to worry about. If they don’t make quota they will be out of a job. Unfortunately, sometimes that encourages sales reps to be less than honest. At NPI we have no quotas and all members of our staff hold honesty, integrity, and ethics to the highest standard. You will never have that experience with NPI.